Beauty shouldn't hurt.  Now it doesn't.  Lucky you.  Lucky bunny.

Beauty shouldn’t hurt. Now it doesn’t.  Lucky you.  Lucky bunny.


Welcome to the GreenCorvid!


Organic Beauty, Without Cruelty


Specializing in eco-friendly, vegan health and beauty products, GreenCorvid is dedicated to providing organic and cruelty-free products.  We have carrier oils for aromatherapy, organic facial cleansers, lotions and moisturizers, natural lip balms and colors, natural tooth care and organic body washes and soaps!  The natural ingredients in our products are free of toxins, chemicals, and synthetics: you will find no artificial sweeteners or colors here.  We also strive to avoid the most common allergens, including but not limited to dairy, soy and corn.  We carry only the best and most natural products, and are committed to bringing them to you at great prices.  We at the GreenCorvid truly believe that beauty should be painless for all.

Why choose

  •  Pure Organic Ingredients:  Only natural earth and plant based ingredients used, organic wherever possible.  We just don’t “do” synthetics of any kind.  All of our products are certified either USDA Organic or are made with ingredients certified Organic in accordance with the National Organic Program.  We will provide the certification documents for any product upon request.
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly: All of our ingredients are either plant- or mineral-based: no animal or insect products or by-products.
  • Cruelty-Free:  The Leaping Bunny sits proudly on every item.  Neither we nor our suppliers conduct, commission, participate in or condone animal testing.
  • Synthetic-Free: Colors, dyes, fragrances, flavors – there is nothing fake about our product line.
  • GMO-Free:  We absolutely do not support the use of biotechnology in our products.
  • Made in the USA:  Made from US-sourced ingredients as first option.
  • Secure Checkout:  SSL Checkout means your payment data is not stored in our computers, and you will only be charged once.
  • Paypal:  Checkout includes a Paypal option for the world’s easiest online purchase method (including currency conversion).
  • International shipment: We ship anywhere in the world – including to military APOs and FPOs.
  • Support an American business: GreenCorvid is an American store run by an American military veteran, supplied by American suppliers who source American ingredients as their first choice wherever possible.

Check out our full line-up of organic, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free items today!

If you don’t see something you’re looking for, rest assured it is coming: our lineup continues to expand every week.  You can help: use our contact form to tell the Raven what it is exactly that you’re looking for, and it’ll come in just for you!  Also, keep up to date on the newest happenings at the GreenCorvid with our blog, the Raven’s Nest (kept by your friendly Head Raven) and our Facebook and Twitter pages!

GreenCorvid: It’s about ethics.  It’s about sustainability.  And it’s about time.



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